Name: Jack McLane

Hometown: Newtown, Pa
Major and School/College: Communication and Rhetorical Studies Syracuse University
I am 20 years old and a sophomore at Syracuse University. I enjoy studying about the environment as well as our connection to it. I hope to utilize my communication major knowledge to inform others of the climate change crisis our future generations face. I love the outdoors and physical activity. I like to bike, swim, run, and ski. I am blessed to have both of my parents alive as well as a younger sibling.

In the fine/performing arts, I am interested in writing, sculpture, music and theater. My specific interests in writing revolve around authors like Jack London and Henry David Thoreau. Theater, I enjoy musicals and how the connection between music and acting come together. For sculpture I like the three-dimensional aspect it brings to the table and believe it to be the most realistic form of art. I also enjoy most genres of music. Although, I struggle to enjoy classical music and symphonies.

I believe there is a benefit to learning from familiar and new art encounters. For familiar art encounters, I think every time a piece of work is visited by a person, its meaning shifts. The shift can occur because of the person’s current situation and how the piece speaks to them. I believe that new art encounters allow us to view the world from a wider lens.We are able to relate to more things and more people with each new experience we have. This includes our new interpretations of old encounters.