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As a student I have a tendency to strive for mediocrity and be content with doing “just ok”. Part of this is because of the routine that comes with school. Of course routine is a good thing to an extent, but for me, too much makes me feel like I’m on a hamster wheel. Our writing class so far, I have not had this feeling. I think part may be because there is an obvious plan and we are given the schedule, but each day the assignments/discussions are a little different. Most classes I am in, the class will get lectured every day and then there is a discussion class at some point where we talk about the readings. By the way, only half the class does the reading’s so the “discussion” is more of just another lecture. At times it can be frustrating but overall the feeling is just lackluster. Taking Writing this year, I had originally thought art would be a boring topic because I am not artistically inclined. I was wrong. I never expected the blog to be something I was interested in. Something that I can customize to display myself like this is a thing I have never used. I never thought I would be blogging my assignments but now that I am, it is keeping me inte

rested. The class we went to the computer cluster was probably my favorite so far. The small walk down the hall gave the class new life and made it exciting. If I become bored with how the blog looks I can change it in a heartbeat. It adds a little fun part to class and this helps to hold my interest.





As a student, I need to do a better job of paying attention to detail. Like I said earlier, I strive for mediocrity.  If I were to fully apply myself to my work, I know I could do much better. Having always enjoyed writing, it is usually not hard for me to write opinion pieces. Of course research paper assignments are not my cup of tea. But back to my averageness. A great example was not going to the writing center. It would have been a private, half hour long opportunity to get professional feedback on my work and possibly would have improved it tenfold. Instead, I was lazy and only did the bare minimum. Another example is the amount of sources I used for my analysis. Rather than only looking at three or four, I could have really dove in. Bird Library has a small museum that I could have gone to and asked questions. I also could have went to Maxwell and asked the faculty if they had any thoughts on the Lincoln Statue they walk by every day.

This semester, my ability to sometimes over achieve needs to be practiced. I know that I can as a student but putting in the extra effort is sometimes hard. Next time maybe I’ll dig a little deeper, spend more time proof-reading, go to the writing center and hopefully it will pay off.

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